This course is for you if....

  • Sales suffering as a result of the economic downturn which has left you with surplus stock and you need some help on how to move forward.
  • You need to shift your focus to your online channels where you have been reliant on pop up shops and markets and you need a little nudge in the right direction.
  • Your current approach to discounting is scatter gun and you and you are conscious it may be damaging your brand image.
  • Bought too heavily into a product you felt strongly for and now you need to free up some cash.
  • Your current approach to marketing is inconsistent and is generally a knee jerk reaction to having to sell the product and you need some inspiration to get thing moving again.
  • Have too many options in your business which is making your customers "browsers" not "buyers".
  • Stuck with the same items which all your customers have now seen and you need to refresh your collection / stock.
  • Your not making enough money every month to pay yourself a wage?
  • Your running a very expensive hobby and not much of a business?
  • Need to liquidate your end of line products to bring some quick cash into your business to pay yourself / fund best sellers or just pay some bills? 

The Shift Your Slow Stock Course

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 Tuesday 12th May 2020 - 8pm

Identify your slow lines easily with this FREE downloadable excel spreadhseet created exclusively for the course.


 Monday 18th May 2020 - 8pm

The key pricing strategies to use, without damaging your brand image! 


Thursday 21st May 2020 - 8pm

The marketing strategies to create maximum impact and shift it quickly to your ideal customer!


Tuesday 26th May 2020 - 8pm

Getting creative online and leveraging online opportunities to create maximum impact with minimum spend.


Ami Rabheru - Retail Buying Expert

Hi, I'm Ami. A Retail Business Consultant and founder of The Retail Business Hub. I help product retail businesses who are starting, building or scaling a physical product brand create a profitable business that they love.

I've spent 20 years as a retail buyer working for some of the biggest names on the high street. During my time I have been responsible for multi-million pound budgets, launched 1000’s of products and have built sourcing and product strategies which in turn have grown market share and most importantly, grown revenue and profits.  

Since leaving my corporate career, I have been on my own entrepreneurial journey, building my very own niche fashion brand. During this time I have collaborated and worked with so many fellow small businesses, and realised the difficulties and struggles they go through. That made me determined to share my knowledge with small product businesses to help them to achieve their goals and build a profitable business which they love! excited to be introducing the Passion for Product™ program.

Laura Harrison - Retail Merchandising Expert

Hi, I'm Laura Harrison, a retail industry specialist focussing on bringing corporate practice to small and independent businesses and helping them develop their potential and strategy in cash flow and product management. I also specialise in emerging leadership training and career development in this sector.  

My background and experience in overcoming obstacles has helped mould me into a confident, straight talking mentor and sponsor, who is never afraid to be an authentic and honest. I have run large teams with big sales and profit impact achieving senior leadership status in one of the biggest general merchandise retailers in the UK maintaining great cash flow and driving strategy and change.  

I have supported many individuals over my career to realise their potential and gain promotions, within my own teams and others. This and helping small businesses scale up fulfils my purpose of giving positive impact for those who want to do more.

What People say about us...  

Testimonials from the Shift Your Slow Stock Challenge we ran in February 2020

"The Shift Your Slow Stock challenge has been fantastic for my business.

Just starting with the excel spreadsheet provided was amazing as it allowed me to clearly see how much money was actually tied up in slow selling lines and how many weeks cover the stock was on. 

Previously, I always felt that if I marked down stock – that I was somehow failing, but this has opened my eyes to see that having a promotional strategy is an essential part of running a healthy product business and seeing it all on the spreadsheet like this, showed me that I could still make margin, even at a discount was great to see.

It was the real kick that I needed to make me see my business in this way so I could not be more grateful to you guys that we have got 13 orders and counting on the first day of implementing your strategic advice in my business.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have to admit, when I first signed up – I thought it would be some low value thing, but that’s not been the case. You’ve been there early in the morning, late in the evenings just offering your advice and help with nothing being asked for in return, for that I am truly grateful. Thank you."

Keri Jamison – Director – Keri Kit England

"Shift your slow Stock Challenge was a well structured course, presented clearly in a friendly group. There were plenty of opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. I’m off to implement some of the ideas gained now! Thank you so much."

Catherine Couling, Owner - CatkinJane

"I’d highly recommend the ‘Shift Your Stock’ challenge to anyone selling online. I signed up for this as an incentive to cut some of our stock lines so things were more streamlined. I hoped that having a daily activity and check in would mean that by the end of the week I’d be further forward. I got so much more than that out of the challenge.

Ami  is a great person to lead challenges like this. Video training was clear and concise (which you’ll really value if you’ve sat through long videos which don’t offer a great deal) Everyone in the group was encouraged to participate and supported. That felt important as people were sharing how their business wasn’t doing as well as they hoped and in some cases was failing. The other experts who provided training were equally good.

There’s a lot to do in the week, and the first day in particular (where you list all of your stock) was a job that took a good hour. Being able to look at that and analyse what was working best was eye opening. I’d have said that I had a good idea about what sold best, but actually breaking things down by colour highlighted some trends I hadn’t noticed.

Possibly the most useful section for me was when Ami talked about different discounts and offers which could be used. That session left me with a list of options that I can use going forward, and with a much clearer view of how these options could best be used."

Joy McMillan, Director - The Knitting Goddess

Are you ready to take control of your business?  

What you get........

  • 4 x LIVE online training sessions, via Zoom with lifetime access to the modules in a members area of the website.
  • Incredible knowledge off two retail experts delivering the course
  • Downloadble workbooks, checklists and a spreadsheet designed to help you to identify your stock
  • Facebook peer support group for the 2 weeks whilst you implement the learnings

One time payment £97 (Usually £247)

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Q: I have digital products and services, will I benefit from this course?

A: No, sorry. This course is only for physical product based businesses.

Q: How long does the course last?

A: The course lasts for 2 weeks, starts 28th April and ends 12th May 2020.

Q: How many lessons will there be and how will they be delivered?

A: Four lessons delivered live on zoom webinar and an open peer support Facebook group where you are welcome to ask further questions on the areas you need support with.

Q: It sounds amazing, but I can't afford it right now. Will you be launching the course again anytime soon?

A: We're not sure, depends on the demand.

Q: What if I don't attend all the live training's?

A: No problem, all of the live content is recorded and you have lifetime access to it on the members area of the website, so you can catch up when you can and also refer back to it in the future. Once you've bought the course you have lifetime access.